I’m what I like to call a man of emotions. Some are good. Some are bad. Then some are just emotions. I hail from the great (white trash) city of Edwardsville, Ks- and have been runnin the show ever since which makes me the sorta ‘off’ person that I am. There are far and many importances in my life that can be summed up with not too much effort seeing as how I express most on a daily basis. First and (should be, but isn’t always) foremost Is my relationship with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ- Through Him the abundance of life flows. Secondly is most definitely the product of abundant life, that is my friends. I am most definitely a friend based person- I’d die without them. Literally. Except not really, but you get the point. Lastly- is my passions. I find myself to be pretty lathargic except with a few things- which are: Sports, my iPhone, and most imporantly- the all-inclusiveness of the fashion world. There’s just something about the ‘act’ of looking good that just gets me so pumped up.
With all that said, I’m a pretty fun, loving (generally), and all around blessing to be around… Not to be vain- but I do rock at life.


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