Beauty, Bible College, & Frolf: Simple Joys

Instead of the usual, “Inspiration Fridays” found on many blogs (like this one -it’s worth your time), I decided that inspiration is something I need at the beginning of the week opposed to the end. So to kick this week off I’m going to spend my early evening tomorrow and most likely my Wednesday morning Frisbee golfing- alone. No big deal right? Anyways, Frisbee golf and fall go hand in hand- that’s it. No debate.

Don’t you just want to play now?

All the girls at work went to a “conference” the last weekend. You see, we work for a beauty company called Aveda and the awesome part about Aveda is that it is such a ‘green’ company. They are as organic as they come and they not only are great, but they are amazing products for each individual functions. I personally enjoy the Control Force, Mens Grooming Clay, and the occasional use of the Hand Cream. The girls went to the Pow Pow- congress, in Mpls, MN which was AMAZING from all the pictures and all their stories. If you’ve never used Aveda you should check it out. It’s steep in price but totally worth it!

 These styles are so fun and the make-up is gorgeous. I so wish I could have been there!

The thing I’m most excited for right now is Thursday evening- that’s when we head off for the Emmaus 70 year reunion for the weekend. Emmaus and I have a love/hate relationship, but overall I am so thankful for the school and for all the people I’ve been privileged enough to become friends with.

Also- I’m pumped for volleyball on the new gym.

these people are super rad!

also– I hope this guy shows up. I want to know what I will look like in 30 years. Just sayin.




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Wulp: I dance (not well) I sing (not well) I'm a sports fan (sorta) I enjoy swing music (often) I was BFAB (almost literally) I have quite the friends (awesome ones) I'm a total defeatist (yurp) I'm a fashionist(o)(?) (as much as a midwesterner can be) I sin (unfortunately well) Mostly I'm forgiven (perfectly, by my Saviour)
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