My 27 Tuxes/dress shirts(?).

I can’t lie- Weddings are the definition of bittersweet to me. I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the love in the air. It truly is one of the most amazing feelings to me when my friends get married. On the flip side of that though, I’m not so gently reminded that I’m not married. Granted I am young- just a mere 21, but it doesn’t really help that my friends are all married. With the wedding of my longest running best friend under way this upcoming weekend, I am constantly reminded of all the amazing weddings I have either been a part of, to, or in some cases, missed (sadness floods my heart at the thought of missing weddings). Here are a few of my favorite couples and their amazing weddings!

Whitney and Jared are a pretty amazing couple who I thoroughly enjoy every minute spent with them. It’s kind of sad that when these two tied the knot in Dec. of 2009 we weren’t near as good of friends as we are now. Matter of a fact- I legitimately thought Jared was repulsed by me. I was wrong though. Thankfully.

Justin & Kristi are such a fun couple to be around- especially if you want to play some serious volleyball. Justin and I lived across the hall from each other my freshman year of college, we played soccer together, and later on I was privileged to serve as an usher in the fantastic Minnesotan wedding!

Regan & Esther are two of my favorite people. Hands down. These two have carried me through so much. Not to mention Regan is my favorite roommate. Ever (closely followed by his sister, her significant other, and their love child). I was happy to be an usher, DJ, and Emcee for this great September wedding.

Adam & Abby also hold a dear part in my being. These two are the definition of, ‘MFEO’ and although they are (creepily) 8 years apart, you can’t help but love them. Not to mention they had THE MOST AMAZING WEDDING. No debates. Seriously. Once again it was a blast and an honor to be an usher for great friends.

This is one of the weddings I unfortunately had to miss, due to being stranded in the wilderness for the majority of the summer. Anna and Kevin are precious. These two not only are each others Ricky and Lucy, but they are that with the voices of a god and goddess (not that I’m into mythology by any means). Knowing both of them and having scrolled through their pictures multiple times I’m heartbroken that I missed the wedding of these amazing people!

Josh and Hannah are 21 & 20. That’s it.

…Just kidding- these kids are amazing, hip people (s… hahahaha) that are a lot of fun to be around. Hannah and I worked together at World Cup (coffee shop) and we definitely made the best of our time. Hannah is one of the funniest people to be around and especially work with. I wish so much of the best to this fine couple!

#RobandErin are some super rad people who together will most likely make a child who will end up as the winning-est Jeopardy contestant of all time. You think I’m joking- but I’m not. Rob became one of my best friends over a period of time in college (I may have forced him into a friendship, but it worked out in the end). You should get to know this couple, they’re great, and really creative: (Erin’s NaNoWrMo)

Taylor and Bekah, as you guessed, are also two people that just make me love life. These two also push me to love Christ and want a loving relationship with Him and everyone around me. This couple has huge hearts that are clearly shown in their everyday lives and I can’t thank them enough for their friendships. I was so happy to serve as a groomsmen for two of my best friends!

This brings me to my final wedding in the near future (to my knowledge anyway):

Nate & Kendra are a wonderful couple. They have been dating for two years  now and are going to be getting hitched this Saturday the 8th of October. I’m really happy for these two. I’m especially happy for Nate, since he’s been my best friend for years now (even though I seem to always be mad or frustrated with him, I do love him. I promise). I’m happy he’s found a girl that’s going to treat him just right!

Wulp, here I am, an hour later- and still single. I’m holding onto hope, and I thank my friends for encouraging me with their amazing relationships!

*Photo credits to…

Justin and Kristi: Sean MacDonald

Adam & Abby, Anna & Kevin, and Rob & Erin: Graeme Pitman


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4 Responses to My 27 Tuxes/dress shirts(?).

  1. thepaulpage says:

    Seven more years Christian. Then you can be old like me. Maybe you’ll even be totally into a her, like I am

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