Native Americans (kinda) With Kansans Souls.

…Okay so Johnny’s not Native American by any means- but Kara is, and as much as these two DON’T wont to believe it…

they were made to inhabit the Midwest. More specifically, Topeka, or actually where ever I am.

I spend tons of time with these two- like honestly probably 4 or 5 days a week. It’s actually sad how much I’m like their child cousin or relative of sorts. Regardless, I love them and I thoroughly enjoy all my time with them.

Our evenings consist of:

-Fixing my car.


-Dancing to old school R&B/hip-hop/Rap on spotify.

-Being mean to Johnny as he tries to sleep.

-make dinner.

-Make desert.

-Have some drinks.

-(probably the most important) eat Old Chicago.

We also do other things like go to concerts, play volleyball, and have lots of good chats!

Kara really enjoys cooking- and she’s good at it too, so I get the privilege of eating loads of amazing food. Sometimes she’s in a bad mood, and Johnny and I make the food- it’s still good, but it’s no Kara.

Last night Johnny and I made what we named, The Flying Monkey, which is the name of a new coffee bar that (probably) Kara and I are going to be working at. We both have interviews and I’m in the last round, and surely she’ll make it through- she’s KARA! Anyways- the Flying Monkey (Cupcakes) that Johnny and I are made with the same coffee and Beer that is featured at this new coffee bar, so we’re hoping it catches on. These cupcakes have your normal ‘Spiced’ cupcake seasonings, such as, cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses(ha?). There are a few things that make these cupcakes delicious though- Orange zest, a good amount of salt, and mostly importantly- The Java Porter from Blind Tiger Brewery (made with PT’s coffee).

*Side note: If you’ve never had blind tiger beer- you now have a reason to come visit us. ASAP. We’ll hook you up and show you the way…*

these cupcakes looked amazing and most of all tasted amazing. If you want the recipe just let me know. I’d be happy to share it!

When it’s all finished It’s suggested that you either indulge with a stout beer or fresh coffee- so we went with some (french pressed) southern pecan from the spice merchant in Wichita.




About christianboddy

Wulp: I dance (not well) I sing (not well) I'm a sports fan (sorta) I enjoy swing music (often) I was BFAB (almost literally) I have quite the friends (awesome ones) I'm a total defeatist (yurp) I'm a fashionist(o)(?) (as much as a midwesterner can be) I sin (unfortunately well) Mostly I'm forgiven (perfectly, by my Saviour)
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2 Responses to Native Americans (kinda) With Kansans Souls.

  1. Kara B. says:

    “SOMETIMES SHE’S IN A BAD MOOD”?!?! What the heck?! After comments like this, it’s no wonder…

  2. johnbloom says:

    It should be more like, “After putting Kara in a bad mood, we have to cook for ourselves”

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