As most of you know (assuming that we’re remotely close at all), I’m a pretty fashionable guy- or at least i’d like to think so (please don’t rain on my parade).  I’m ‘up’ with the style, music, and just the all around feel of the day.

I tend to learn a lot from blogs, magazines like GQ, and just watching everyday people walk down the streets- except not in Topeka, because we suck when it comes to fashion “Hello, American FREAKING Eagle.BLEH! One of the biggest influences in my everyday dress wear is from a blog called, Themidwestyle.com. This blog is made up of three twentysomething year old guys from right here in the heart of America, KC! These three guys broke the curse of fashionless midwest life.

Jeff, Cameron, and Seth have put together a good fantastic blog simply devoted to helping us midwestern guys out a little with our oh-so-lacking style. These guys have some crazy awesome mix-n-match’s that blow my mind. While, yes, some outfits are a wee bit over the top, for the most part they’re pretty amazing.

here are a few of my favorites:

Not going to lie, this is exactly the look I would die for (figuratively, of course.)

…see, there’s just one little, tiny, itty-bitty problem with most of this- I’m not a twig like this guys. How often do you see a bigger guy rock something like this? Rarely. Don’t get me wrong; bigger guys can pull of a different kind of, ‘hipster-esque’ look, but not necessarily this one. It’s rather unfortunate, really.

My friend Johnny has has this hipster thing down (Shout out to Kara). Oh how I wish I was thin. Maybe someday?

This is me: DOING MY BEST! 

Oh, Lord, help me. Please make me gorgeous, with good style, and thin. Amen.

Anyone’s welcome to hook me up with some clothes. seriously- I’m broke.




About christianboddy

Wulp: I dance (not well) I sing (not well) I'm a sports fan (sorta) I enjoy swing music (often) I was BFAB (almost literally) I have quite the friends (awesome ones) I'm a total defeatist (yurp) I'm a fashionist(o)(?) (as much as a midwesterner can be) I sin (unfortunately well) Mostly I'm forgiven (perfectly, by my Saviour)
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5 Responses to Midwestyle

  1. alison says:

    Just checked out themidweststyle blog and died. I now want to dress only in menswear for the rest of my life. I could rock it, right?

  2. thepaulpage says:

    I have my own style. Truthfully though, it’s totally based on comfort and it’s possibly hard to look at. I should find someone who can help me work on it, but also work with me about comfort.

  3. John Bloom says:

    I would add an additional shout out to Jake Westrum who got me interested in style before Kara got a hold of me. My logic is that whatever you do, do it well (or with all your might Ecclesiastes 9:10). I figured that I dress myself everyday so I might as well do it well.

  4. Kara B. says:

    Lol @thepaulpage… “possibly hard to look at.” Only when you wear plaid AND stripes together. Which is often.

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